About Me and This Blog

My name is Merry O’Leary but I prefer to be called Mer. I live in Northeastern Ohio, born and raised here. I’m a seasoned blogger (seasoned with what, you ask? Probably garlic and dill weed.)

The Top Five Things That You Should Know About Me:

I’m an empath, which is a curse and a superpower, it just depends on the day.

I have a plethora of mental health conditions, which I’ve semi-lovingly nicknamed “Brain Cooties.”

I have fibromyalgia and it’s the bane of my existence.

I’m a suicide survivor and I’m not afraid to discuss it openly and honestly. If it wasn’t for my sense of humor, my faith in God and my adult daughter, I seriously believe that I would no longer be here.

Much of my writing is full of dark humor, sarcasm and sadness, with an occasional cute photo of my dog Maya and my cat, Rico.


Non-medical germs, that are spread by touch, usually among school kids.

My brain is filled with special kinds of cooties and this blog (hopefully) will serve as a pair of tweezers so that I can, one by one, remove and study them, with the prospect of helping me regain some of my mental health again.


I found TMS (trans-cranial magnetic stimulation) in July of 2021. I finished 36 treatments over the course of a few weeks and my severe depression/OCD is much easier to tolerate, though still an ongoing issue and I think that it always will be.