The Smell of Leather

I recently ordered a bunch of candles that were on sale (buy 3, get 4 free!) because I love candles plus that’s a damn great deal. But I’m always watching my pennies, so I decided to buy the four clearance scents that they had left…strawberry jam, fresh linen, grape soda (pop), and leather.

I figured that leather must’ve been some kind of manly smell, like the cologne that guys wear to attract a mate with accentuated pheromones and such. I actually do enjoy it when my boyfriend wears some from his vast collection, for they bring out the tiger in me.


When the candles were finally delivered, I was shocked when I looked a bit closer at the two leather candles that I’d purchased. They both had a photo of a leather jacket on it.

What the actual hell? So, after I sniffed it, I discovered that it was indeed a candle infused with the odor of leather, which is fine for a purse or a new car, yet perhaps not all that wonderful to perfume your personal space with.

Cowhide, you guys.

One evening soon after, I lit the damn thing to see how it would smell while burning. My daughter was home that night and we both decided that it was just awful. I blew it out post-haste and lit the strawberry one instead.

I let it go for a bit. Eh, shit happens. But yesterday, I decided that I’d at least email the company to let them know how dissatisfied I was with my TWO real leather candles.

This is what I wrote.

Hello. I recently purchased two leather-scented candles, believing that they’d smell like men’s cologne or something like that. True, I did not give the description a proper read-through but I never imagined that anyone would ever want a candle that smells like actual leather.

My house smelled like Fonzi for about ten minutes and I’m super disappointed. I can’t even talk anyone I know into taking one of the two candles that I’ve purchased, so I’ll have to pitch them. I was seriously going to just let it go but I decided that I’d send an email about how unhappy I am about my wasting money.


Merry O’Leary

I’ll admit, I was quite tickled by my Fonzi reference.

The Fonz, Happy Days, Thumbs Up, okay, approve

Sometimes, I crack my own self up.

I received a reply this morning.

Hello Merry,


Thank you for confirming that information. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
We have issued you a gift card for the purchase price of the order. The gift card information has been sent to the email associated with your account. This may be used towards any future purchase and does not expire!

Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience, but it was a pleasure helping you solve this issue.

Thank you, and have a great day!

The gift card is awesome but getting that laugh was even better!

Does anyone want a free candle?


    • Thanks, Jaded. If I can make people laugh, I’m a happy camper. I just bought a new candle and this time, I read the description! LOL


  1. We were once at a winery and the tasting note for one of the samples was “cherry tobacco and leather”. My dad took one sip and said “Yep, it tastes like an old wallet.” Needless to say, we didn’t buy it. Glad the company gave you a gift certificate to make up for it!

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    • Yuck! Who the hell would want a wine to taste like The Fonz? LOL 🙂
      Me too, I just bought a replacement today and I read the description this time!!

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    • I seriously can’t even give this fucking candle away! I might give one to my baby bro for his bday tomorrow as a gag gift…


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