She’s Like A Rainbow

I received my medical marijuana card last fall. I’ve tried numerous strains without much luck since they’d all either:

Make me tired, which I already fucking am!

Hungry munchies gotta eat everything in the pantry NOW!!

Feel more anxious than I am naturally.

So, I’m doubtful that I’m going to renew my card next month. It seems silly to pay for something that I seldom use, not to mention that the products cost an arm and a kidney.

But the other night, I decided to use up some of the Indica vape strain that I bought a long while ago before it gets old and funky. This stuff is hella strong. It’s called Grape Krush, I believe.

Plus it tastes like grape pop.

I took two hits and my body basically became one with my bed. I felt like I was melting into the mattress like a human sort of hot fudge. When I began to feel afraid of the sensations, I was able to make myself relax into it. It wasn’t easy but I managed.

Then my mind started twisting around, thinking plenty of deep thoughts, dipping, and diving into my relationships, both current and past. I felt floaty, easy like Sunday morning. Nothing but good vibrations. Positive emotions pounded at me like waves from a beach far away from Ohio, where the sun beamed down upon my head and little pretty seashells jumped willingly into my awaiting bucket. There were bright colors everywhere!

Observations, truths, and the understanding of why some of my relationships have broken down and were lost to me came with ease and acceptance.

I felt exuberant.

Now, I’ve never tried acid before but I suspect that perhaps this experience could be a small (and safer) version of tripping. I mean, I was in my bed, safely tucked in and not running naked down my street throwing rainbow glitter everywhere!

Ain’t nobody wants to see that shit.


  1. Right now I use TBH oil for sleeping. It’s pretty strong so I mix it with Hemp oil. It is the only thing I have found that helps me sleep and wow, I’ve tried pretty much everything!

    Do you think now that you’ve had your sessions for your depression that it helped when you smoked your weed? Almost sounds like it, eh? Just curious what you think.

    I take just enough of my oils to make me tired. I never have been able to get high smoking the stuff and so far have never gotten high from my oils either. I think I’m in those percentage of people that don’t get high. Huh, probably because it’s so ingrained in me not to lose control no matter what.


    • I do think that I have a better experience with MM now that I’ve had my TMS treatments. I like to be in control too, just like you. The major reason why I’m not renewing is due to the cost of it. I have to talk to another doctor and pay them more money. Not worth it! I have until the end of November to stock up on a couple of products like the lotions.


    • Maybe so. But I just found out that I have to talk to a doctor again which costs way too much! My condition hasn’t changed, I still have fibro, PTSD, and chronic pain. Just for them to make more money, the asshats.
      Rant over. 🙂

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