Is Red Bull Mostly Safe?

I’ve consumed three sugar-free Redbull’s within the last 10 days. The first time, I was with my boyfriend, doing errands before going to a cook-out at my brother’s house. I had been dragging ass and decided on a whim to try one. I’ve always been somewhat scared to drink them in the past, for fear that my heart might explode.

“Am I growing wings?” I asked him.

He looked at my back. “I think I see some nubs sticking out.”

I felt a jolt of intense energy course through my usually lethargic fibro body.

“I like these things,” I announced, deciding that I was going to drink them on really rough days when I have no zoom. Well, when I have almost zero zooms.

Okay, I never have much zoom.

Unfortunately, like almost anything that makes us feel great, it’s considered a highly addictive substance.

Damn it.

Maybe just twice a week. That seems a moderate choice. It’s also the sugarless version since I’m a diabetic.

Forgive me, Paul.

I was just checking on Amazon to see how much a case costs. Pretty pricey stuff.

Do you ever use energy drinks?


  1. The “kids” at work 30 and under guzzle energy drinks like water. There’s one called Bang that has a flavor called Rainbow Unicorn… probably not sugarless, though. I just stick with my Pepsi…

    Now I’m going to find some good Diabeatles songs for the Dusty Vinyl Archive…


  2. I tried Red Bull once, hated it 😮 I didn’t know there was a sugar-free version.
    In the UK there is “general industry agreement” not to sell energy drinks to under 16s but it’s not an actual law (yet). A couple a week is fine though, it’s the several a day the kids drink that’s hurting them (as you would expect – several coffees a day gives me palpitations!).

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    • I drink 2 cups of coffee a day, max. I don’t like the palpitations but so far the Red Bull doesn’t do that.
      Kids will do almost anything because they think that they are invincible

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