Tainted Tuna

I spent my birthday alone, mostly sleeping due to having eaten a tainted gas station tuna fish sandwich.

I was supposed to be going to Put-In-Bay (a lake Erie island) with my boyfriend. I was disappointed. Well, I still am. I handled it well, though. No major sadness or emotional turmoil. It just was what it is or whatever. Tuna is now banned for at least a year, that’s for fucking sure. It looked just fine. Didn’t smell or taste weird at all. I was at my friend’s house and out of nowhere, I had to barf.

I thought it was one and done.

I was on the highway when I felt the need to hurl again, so I grabbed a plastic shopping bag and used it whilst I was driving. I must have had some angels watching over me since I didn’t end up crashing.

Don’t eat tainted tuna and drive, Millie!

Once I turned off the highway, I had to stop 3 more times to yak. I never thought that I’d make it home!

It wasn’t fun. My 47th birthday, in all honesty, blew monkey balls.

I’m feeling a little better today. I’m hoping to celebrate tomorrow and Saturday, as long as I can get over this nasty case of food poisoning. Right now, I’m drinking some Sprite Zero and staying positive.

Yes, the TMS is still working, it’s amazing. That’s all I can say until I think about it some more. I’m somewhat in shock, I suppose.

I wonder if my family will notice a change in me? Even my neighbor whom I only speak with now and then has said she can tell that I’m doing much better.

Next week is my last full week of treatments. Then down to 4. 3. And then 2. It looks like in the future I will need to do tune-ups to continue this totally astonishing improvement.

Take care! Have a great weekend.


  1. Food poisoning is the worse! I’m so sorry your birthday plans got ruined. That does indeed suck monkey balls. I’m so happy that your treatments are working! That is such wonderful news! About time something worked for you. Big hugs and sending light and love to ya. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Life is a bitch and nobody said that it wasn’t! I’m also glad that this has been beneficial. Light and love back at ya! ❤
      Tuna can fuck right off, LOL.


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