Gotta Save The Birds!

I’m notoriously known for putting my own life in danger when it comes to saving another living being.

Most recently…well, yesterday, I became determined to put two baby birds back into their nest after they inadvertently fell out while my boyfriend and I were trimming my backyard cherry blossom tree. One of them was trying to walk around, his little wings useless since he wasn’t quite ready to fly yet. His sibling didn’t move, he just laid in the same spot. But he wasn’t dead, thank God. There was still a chance!

I tried using my step stool but alas, I was still too short to reach. So, in full theatrical mode, almost to the point of tears, I went over to my neighbors house and knocked on the door.

“I need to re-home two baby birds back to their nest, do you guys have a stepladder?”

They did. So, almost bonking my boyfriend on the head with the stepladder, I positioned it up against the tree. My boyfriend was too afraid to hold the birds in a fuzzy sock that I’d grabbed from my dresser, so I asked my neighbor Rene if she would be okay handing me the bird once I made it to the top. She was a bit hesitant but decided that if it was that important to me, then okay.

So I climbed up two rungs, while my boyfriend put his hand on my back as support. When I felt that I had a clear shot at the nest, she handed me the stronger of the two robins. (I hadn’t know what kind they were until she told me.)

The entire time this was happening, mamma bird was freaking the fuck out. She was about ready to attack me but I did not give a shit. I couldn’t have lived with myself had I just shrugged and said, oh well.

“I’m trying, mama!” I said as I gently put the little dude back into his nest.

“Honey, she’s gonna attack you!!” my boyfriend said.

I just had to use this photo.

“Hush!” I said back. “It’ll be fine!”

The weaker robin didn’t want to let go of my hand but eventually I was able to get him back inside where he’d be safe again from us damn disrupting humans.

I climbed back down slowly. There! I saved them! No baby birds were gonna die on my watch, ah hell no.

Afterward, we all watched as mama bird went to the nest to check on her wee robins. Then she flew up to the top of the tree and started tweeting happily.

“She’s saying thank you,” my neighbor said.

“I couldn’t have done it without you!” I replied.

My boyfriend seemed a bit shocked that I’d gone through such trouble and possible peril to my own well-being since I’m not the most athletic person in the world.

Climbing ladders and shit. Coming close to being attacked by a pissed off mama bird who could’ve pecked at my head or something.

I shrugged it off.

“That’s just the kind of person I am, honey. God made the birds and so, I had to do what I could. I’m fine!”

Holding the babies in my hand was actually quite amazing. Their little beaks were open, like I was going to regurgitate a nice, juicy worm into their mouths. They were so delicate. I instantly loved them both and I do hope that they’ll survive their fall and grow up to be as lovely as their mama is.

Happy 4th of July. I’m getting ready to go to my brother’s for a cookout and we’re also celebrating my nephews 13th birthday.


  1. Good for you!! You helped another living creature or creatures and that’s always hero stuff in my eyes. I’ve been known to do the same thing so I understand! Um, also, what’s to be afraid of in tiny baby birds? LOL The Robin wouldn’t have pecked you, just wanted to scare you. Now if it would have been a blue jay or crow or something….yeah, those suckers will peck if they think they can. Yup, experience talking here. hahahaha….hope you enjoy your 4th!


    • I’m no hero, just a nice human. Most of the time. LOL
      Thanks for not pissing in my Cheerios. I had a comment from someone saying that the mama won’t have anything to do with the babies now because they smell like humans. I finally write a post that isn’t all sad and then sees a comment like that! My neighbor said that birds don’t have a keen sense of smell and from what I’ve witnessed since it happened, mama bird is still tending to them.
      My boyfriend is a little weird about small animals. Personally, I couldn’t have picked up a frog without screaming!
      The 4th is my least favorite holiday, fireworks in the neighborhood scare the shit out of my senior dog Daisy. It was nice seeing my niece and nephew. That’s all I can really say about it. Holidays and stuff suck now without my mom.

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      • It’s been proven wrong that a mama bird will ignore the babies if they have been touched by humans, so eh, to the person who said that. They need to educate themselves. Sam my dog doesn’t mind fireworks, nothing much scares him but the cats will hide. They hate loud noises. We all have our piccadillos. I personally won’t touch a spider. Uh uh. Nope.


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