Things My Mom Taught Me About Life

My mom passed away on May 20, 2019 from an ischemic intestinal stroke. It wasn’t diagnosed until right before she died. She suffered for years. Her many doctors, in my opinion, failed her. My family decided not to take legal action. If we had, I don’t even know where we would’ve started.

My mom taught me many valuable things, some serious, some silly. I’d like to share a few nuggets of her wisdom with you.

  1. She taught me how to make a proper fist after a bully threatened me in high school, so I wouldn’t break my fingers if I tried to punch someone. Not like I ever have but still a useful thing to know.
  2. She told me that if people didn’t like how I was living my life, then fuck them.
  3. She always said that food like pudding tasted better without her dentures in. Now that I have dentures, I’d have to agree with her. Delicious.
  4. My mom was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known…but she also didn’t put up with any shit. I’m still trying to master this skill.
  5. She always told me that “this too shall pass” and for the most part, this is true.
  6. She firmly believed in the afterlife. We had many discussions about what happens after a person dies. She told me to watch for signs before she passed away. I’ve had many from her so far. Because of her belief, mine is also strong and I feel comforted by the thought that she’s alright.
  7. She was always messing around with my bra, making sure that my boobs were up where they belonged. Nobody wants saggy boobs! I don’t wear real brassieres anymore because they hurt my rib cage but I still appreciate how concerned she was about my breasts.
  8. She taught me everything that she knew about being a mother. She was an open book! From feeding to burping, to childhood illnesses and teenage angst, she was always there to help me when I needed her.
  9. I’ve always been a grand procrastinator and my mom was really good at lighting a fire under my ass to get things done. I think of her now when I’m putting something off and when I do finally accomplish it, I look up and say “See, mom? I did it!”.
  10. From her own personal experience, when she witnessed an older lady that she knew from her first job at a company that made awnings…she warned me to never, ever, under any circumstances, light a fart.

I’m proud to say that I never have!


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