Don’t It Make My Brown Hair Gray

A couple weeks ago, I was at my brother’s house for a Memorial Day cookout. Since the majority of us are now fully vaccinated, I didn’t have any qualms about hugging my family again. Even my sister-in-law who I usually leave alone because she hates hugs got stuck with an embrace from me.

Yeah, I made it awkward.

While I was sipping my pineapple sangria so I could fit in with everyone (I come from a drinking fam) my aunt commented on how gray my hair was getting. I haven’t dyed it since May of 2015 due to thinning hair and the fact that I don’t want to slather a bunch of chemicals on my head anymore.

“Yeah,” I replied. “I’m following in mom’s footsteps.”

And stress. Don’t forget stress.

She had the most beautiful salt and pepper hair. My mom loved to change the color (she pulled off blonde quite well) but as she approached her 60’s, she decided to go natural. I was just past 40 when I made the decision. I am at peace with my silver wisdom highlights.

Is it silly to say that I am crazy proud of them?

I don’t give a shit if it makes me look older than I rightfully should. I have nobody to impress. I’ve watched them materialize like crazy as time has marched on and I expect that at some point, I’ll be more gray than brown. The hairs that are still transitioning are a golden color, which makes me a three tone headed gal.

My hair has gotten long and I’ve been thinking about getting it cut shorter. But every time I go for a haircut, the person doing it says, well gee, your hair is so thin!

Really? No way!

What can I say? It irks me.

I wear it in a bun or high pony tale. Occasionally, I’ll leave it down. It only looks decent right after I wash it. By the second day, It begins to look lanky and greasy. Since I’m lucky to take a real shower twice a week (fuck off depression and fibro) it’s an issue that I really need to have a good think about.

To chop it or not to chop it. Hmm.

Maybe I’ll just flip a coin.

(My dad loved Crystal Gale and the title of this post are the lyrics of one of her songs, from way back in the day.)


  1. Embrace the gray! It took me a while to be ok with going from funky purple hair to my current natural silver, but it’s definitely easier and cheaper. As for the length, do what makes YOU happy. I’ve always been partial to keeping my hair shorter just because I find it easier to deal with. No matter what, you’ll be beautiful because that’s just who you are. ❤

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    • I have a wash-out spray called Metallics in red that I like to use once in a while when I’m feeling fancy. 🙂
      And thanks, my friend. ❤ I think I might let it keep growing for the time being.

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  2. Yay for letting it go natural! I have let mine go years ago. I’ve got streaks of silver going through my hair now. Like you, I’m proud of it! My hair is naturally a light brown with red highlights so having the silver go through it is awesome. I love it. As for cutting it or not, go with what you want and fuck everyone else. It’s your hair! Mine is long, middle of my back because I haven’t had it cut in like close to 20 years now. LOL Only because I hate myself in short hair and it’s hard to find someone who knows how to cut it decently. I have very fine hair, a lot of it but it’s super fine and not everyone can cut it the right way. I’m going for that laid back hippie chick vibe. hahahahaha

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    • That IS some long-ass hair, lol. I’m thinking about keeping it long for now. I hate the chitchat with the hairdresser and I swear it, if someone says “it’s so thin!” I might lose my shit. 😉

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  3. Why do people get so wigged out (pun definitely intended) about other peoples’ hair? Whatever your shade, length, or style, you will be your awesome self.

    My hair has always been straight, but for whatever reason it is now curly. People think it’s a perm and ask why I didn’t get a color to go along with. I respond that I MIGHT think about a color if I get a perm. SMH.

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    • Eh, people have nothing better to do, I guess. I also get the whole “hey, you’ve lost weight! You look great!” Thanks, it’s the grief and depression diet!
      My hair also curls up now! It changed textures after I had my daughter. When I was younger the only way I could have curly hair was with a perm. So bad for your hair!! Chemical’s galore.

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