Me & My Weed Whacker

When I bought my house in 2020, I underestimated just how difficult it would be to maintain a yard. I lived in a condo for 10 years and part of my outrageous monthly maintenance fee was towards landscaping. Since I didn’t even have a real yard (it was all considered common areas) taking care of the outside was never an issue.

Weeds. They grow everywhere, hence the line, it’s growing like weeds! I bought a nice sprayer and my awesome neighbors gave me the recipe for homemade weed killer, using white vinegar, Epsom salt and a little bit of dish soap. Not only is it cheaper than the stuff you buy from the stores, it’s also non-toxic for my two dogs, Maya and Daisy.

Taking in some rays!

I also bought an electric lawn mower because I’m not strong enough to pull the cord on a gas mower. This year, I’m trying to do almost everything myself without having to pay someone. Back in May, I had a guy do some hard landscaping for me (remove some bushes, insane ivy, an old wooden bridge that was rotting, ect) and that was a small fortune. Yikes.

Nothing makes you feel like a “real” adult more than having to take care of a house and yard on your own, although my boyfriend helps me when he can. My neighbors also usually cut my front lawn because like I said above, they are awesome. It’s been so nice having good people next door.

I’m not much of a gardener. I did purchase two flowering baskets, plus some tomato and pepper plants. My daughter is the one with the green thumb but the poor kid works so much that she doesn’t have much time to do anything.

I wanted to write about something other than my mental health today for a change and also to see if I could. I have good days and bad, as I wait patiently for my next shrink appointment so I can try a new antidepressant. Seriously, there just isn’t enough help available unless you’re in a major crisis.

So I continue to keep on keeping on with my weed whacker. What other choice do I have but to go back to the psych ward? I don’t believe that I’m quite that bad off.



  1. Ah yes, yard work. Funny you posted this as this morning I made the hard (for me) decision that I am going to have to hire someone to cut my lawn for me. I find this year I just can’t do it anymore. I also bought a lightweight electric lawnmower because, yeah, can’t start a gas one. I already had the weed whacker. I managed (just) to do it last year by myself. This year. Nope, not going to happen. I mowed my lawn in 3rds. A third at a time because I don’t have the stamina anymore to do it in one day. I have bad arthritis in my knees which doesn’t help. So after a couple of attempts I just had to be honest with myself and acknowledge I can’t do it anymore. I almost feel like I’m giving up a bit of my independence but I’m also a realist. I’m getting too old and my knees are too bad to keep doing it. I’ll just have to juggle my finances to be able to hire someone. Wish me luck. LOL


    • I understand! I’ll see how it goes. I might have to do some juggling myself and just hire someone to do it. But I’ve regained some of my stamina the last 4 years since asshat is no longer around to keep me down. My legs, hips and arms ache but fuck it. I’m stubborn. LOL. Good Luck, my friend! ❤

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  2. I always find it quite disappointing that it can so difficult to keep your flowers etc alive sometimes, especially if it’s very sunny and you forget to water them, but weeds seem to be completely indestructible 😦

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