“G” Stands For Grandma

I’ve been crafting almost every day lately. My friend and I are hoping to be vendors at a craft show sometime in the fall. By then, more people (hopefully) will be vaccinated and we’ll both feel a tad safer trying to hawk our wares to the general public.

I made a quick stop yesterday to a store that sells crafty supplies and found a giant scrabble tile with a G on it. My mom loved playing the game Words with Friends. I can no longer play the game anymore myself because it just makes me too sad. One of my cousins has also decided that she’ll never play the game again for the same reason.

After my mom died, my daughter contacted the people who are in charge of the app and they did a tribute to her. My mom laid on her couch, miserable each day. Playing WWF gave her something to do, helping to keep her mind occupied and she even made some online friends.

When I’d win a game (didn’t happen often) she’d message me on the app and say, “You got a nut!”

Anyway, I decided to make my daughter something with the large “G” is for grandma scrabble tile.

The SLO is my mom’s initials…Sandra Lee O’Leary

I’m rather proud of how it turned out and my daughter seemed happy when I gave it to her. It’s just a little something special for her. You know, one of those oddly specific things that only a few people would understand the significance of.

Until recently, I never thought of myself as being crafty or creative. I’m glad that I’ve continued to practice working with different mediums and can now finally feel like I am ready to make stuff to sell.

Stay safe and please get your shot!!


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