So Inspired

What I love about Facebook is that there’s plenty of inspirational memes and quotes to read, then saved for later viewing.

Let’s look at some from my vast collection, shall we?

What shit are they referring to? Did they eat a burrito and now trying to rush to the bathroom on time?

What’s up with the black cat? Is he planning on defeating his fear of a half-empty food bowl?

My goodness, I do love a beautiful vintage photo.

Sexy? Well, maybe on a really good day I am!

Relaxing with a little bit of medical marijuana sounds great. Hang on a sec.

Ah, okay. And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then…or am I just fooling?

I’m content with my thighs and my voice. My opinions are a bit more difficult to convey without fear of ridicule though.

As for wrinkles, they are slowly starting to form around my mouth, eyes and forehead.

That’s why I use Ponds Rejuveness anti wrinkle cream every night!

For youthful skin that longs to lightly be touched…

Hey, thanks for noticing me!

It’s true. I do clam up and keep things inside, until they bubble forth like lava from an active volcano. I don’t know how this is even possible but it seems that this meme knows me.

Oh Lord, life can be so full of darkness! We combat this by taking our medications, plenty of self-care, eating cookies whenever the opportunity presents itself and talking to a therapist.

Then napping, because I fucking got this.

Do you have any favorite inspirational memes or quotes?


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