Narcissistic Bedtime Stories

As I approach the 4 year mark of finding out what my ex-husband was up to, I realize that it was a gift (although wrapped in an old snot tissue.)

I read somewhere that it’s not a waste of time if you’ve learned valuable lessons.

After 15 years, I sure as bloody hell have better learned a shit ton of them.

I have so many stories rattling around in my head, things that I’ve kept locked up so that I didn’t have to face them. The truth, sadly, is oftentimes not pleasant. As grateful as I am that I was given the chance to finally say enough is enough, I still cannot help but to be fucking angry that I spent so many years with someone who never loved me.

How can anyone even go that long, living a lie? I don’t understand people like him; how can you look someone in the eye and mutter nice things, while inwardly mocking a shared life?

How does he lie to his new wife?

Easy…as simply as he did to me.

Perhaps writing about this theme on a regular basis will help me even more with the healing thing and also start a creative writing streak for myself.

Making one of these makes it official and shit.

I had this idea one night after I smoked some medical marijuana. It’s been really neat buying different things to try every month. Recently, I started using the vape instead of the raw flower. Much less stinky and easier on my lungs.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for my first NBS post!


  1. You go girl! I understand completely still being angry. Hell, I am at my ex and it’s been so long ago now. Eh, I’ll hold on to my anger because he deserves it. LOL Nah, really, even anger fades with time. It hasn’t gone away but I am no longer angry at myself for sticking around so long. I look forward to your stories! ❤

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