Thank you, ES!

I want to thank my blogging brother ES (Evil Squirrel) for sending me my prize so quickly, which I won during his most recent Contest of Whatever.

Back in the day, he drew a cartoon version of myself giving him a nice smack. I asked kindly for a coffee mug with that cartoon on it and he accommodated my request.

Trust me, he deserved it…

Thanks for the opportunity to play your contest! I haven’t even had a cup of coffee in it yet, it’s just so cool.


  1. I really need to get back to reading ES, he always gave me a smile. Things have gotten lost in the times for the last few years. I want to get back to writing also but I’m not sure how…..

    Love the cup!

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    • I feel like I keep dipping my toes back in slowly. I need to bond with this blog somehow…
      We’re writers, it’s what we do, my friend. You’ll get back to it when you’re ready. ❤
      I still haven't used the mug!


    • Thanks!!
      Yep, I’ve known ES for almost 9 years. That’s how long I’ve been blogging here! Insane. I started my old blog back in 2012.


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