Happy Land of the Truly Zonked Out.

I found out last night that if you take two generic Benadryl from Walgreens to ease a case of anxiety hives, it’ll send you off to the Happy Land of the Truly Zonked Out.

Or HLTZO for short.

It’s probably habit forming (just like eating frosting straight out of the can) but I might partake again tonight. I do have the itches and bumps returning, so I have an excuse, am I right?

But Mer, you ask, why are you anxious enough to break out into sad lumps all over?

Well…this is awkward, where do I start?

Every fucking time I think that things are going well with the boyfriend, something happens to make me question if my brother is right…maybe I really do have shitty taste in men.

The election! Holy fuck, I still have family members who’re part of the Trump cult.

The worsening of Covid-19. I hate the holidays. And the idea that I’ll be holed up in my house all winter long (fuck off, snow) makes me feel depressed more so than usual.

I miss my mom. Well, I always will. It’s still so fresh.

And writing for publication is stressful. I start to wonder why I even bother. Here on my own blog, I can do whatever I want, like with all caps type FUCK TRUMP.


Then I can tell you that I’m taking a break to go pee.

Okay, I’m back.

But good things happen, like this photo I took of my dog and cat taking a siesta with me earlier.

Time to go take my pills.


  1. FWIW, I take a Benadryl every night with my psych meds, as per the nice psych doc, because they help put me to sleep and aren’t habit forming. So you’re probably just fine with doing that. And hey, the planet is a big ol’ fucking shit ball right now, try to take it easy on yourself. We love you. ❤ (ps – adorable critter pic!)

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  2. I used to take Benedryl every night to help me sleep and because I have a slight skin condition that breaks out when I’m stressed. Sort of like yours. Sigh. Then…..THEN, because of some other stupid crap, I can no longer take it because now it does the complete opposite. It gives me what I call the heebie Jeebies. It literally makes my skin feel like something is crawling all over it and makes my heart beat so fast I think I’m going to faint. Stupid body hates me. 😦 I love to see you writing anywhere quite honestly. ❤


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