Useless Bleating

“The cure for the pain is the pain.” ~ Rumi


Why do some shy away from feelings?

Why are some so afraid to cry?

Though each life is filled with sadness

Yet when asked, some opt to lie?

I’ve been hit, took such a beating

Bruises brushed like watercolors on my sleeve

But my words of sorrow, compared to useless bleating

Now often when I speak, I’m considered naive

Told, uncomfortably, not to show my tears

For the love of God, please just let it go

I try to keep it inside, afraid of the jeers

Tucking them away so my grief won’t show

You feel too much, you always mumble

I do?

Your words are skewed and hard to hear

I’m sorry.

When pushed you always seem to stumble

Not always.

You’re just too sensitive, it’s extremely clear

But…it’s who I am.

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