46 things that I’d like to do just one more time

Well, I’m 46 years old today. It’s always funny to me, I don’t feel all that different (I do however have a birthday zit trifecta on my face.)

Here’s my attempt to list 46 things that I’d like to do just one more time.

  1. Ride on a rollercoaster.
  2. Move without making sounds effects.
  3. Touch my toes.
  4. Go for a walk with my dad.
  5. Talk to my mom on the phone…and laugh with her again.
  6. Sit on a wooden chair without my ass feeling bruised the next day.
  7. Be able to get really drunk without vomiting and then having a nasty 3-day hangover.
  8. Watch Saturday morning cartoons with a big bowl of cereal on my lap.zz59720feb
  9. Run.
  10. Skip.
  11. Go to a playground and have a blast.
  12. Jump rope.
  13. Play with a hula hoop (and still suck at it.)
  14. Listen to my dad sing at church.
  15. Attend a huge family function with my aunts, uncles and cousins all together again.
  16. Celebrate fathers day with my dad.
  17. Go to an old fashioned sleepover party.
  18. Go play slots at a casino with my mom.
  19. Dance at a wedding without being afraid that I’ll hurt myself.
  20. Run across my bedroom super quick so that I can hit record on my tape deck when a good song comes on.
  21. Play board games with my mom, dad and brother on a winter Sunday, while a pot of my mom’s chili is cooking on the stove.
  22. Wake up in my childhood bedroom.
  23. Kick my legs up really high like a Rockette.

    Yes, I could (kind of) do this when I was much younger and I was proud of it!
  24. Grab as many record albums as I can from my parent’s closet and then sit on my bedroom floor in front of my record player, jamming to the oldies.
  25. Hear the spoon clinking the glass of the chocolate milk that my dad would make for me. (He made the best chocolate milk that I’ve ever had.)
  26. Tell both of my parents that I love them.
  27. Slap the fucking piss outta my ex-husband…only this time I’d add a few extra just for funsies.
  28. Go to the drive-in and stay for both movies.
  29. Hold my baby daughter for the first time.
  30. Eat as many sweets as I want without worrying about my blood sugar.

  31. Run around in the front yard with my brother while our mom hoses us down on a hot day.
  32. Talk to my childhood dog Tiny (he was a great listener) about all of my problems.
  33. Swing as high as possible and then jump off, while sticking the landing, of course.
  34. Be annoyed (not really, though) with my baby brother for following me around like a puppy dog.
  35. Leave a doctor’s appointment with a clean bill of health and a sucker.
  36. Play hopscotch with the neighborhood kids.
  37. I’d love to have my mom wash my hair in the kitchen sink again, while her fingers massage my scalp.
  38. Play Barbies in my room.
  39. Talk to my Uncle Jerry who passed away many years ago. (And thank him for stepping up as a father figure after my dad died.)
  40. Pretend that the living room carpet is lava.

    Oh shit, kid! Be careful, little dude.
  41. Tell a certain handful of people to fuck off again.
  42. Have enough energy to take a shower/bath every day.
  43. Go back to my graduation day so that I could relive that wonderful relief of finally being free of high school.
  44. Take my daughter to the park for the first time.
  45. Go back to the day that I got my driver’s license.
  46. Do a somersault!

Phew, damn that was difficult! I really started struggling around 25.

Thanks for reading. Is there anything that you’d like to do just one more time?


  1. Happy birthday 🎉 I too make similar lists each year, feels good to think about ourselves and what we want once in a while. I live finding old lists and being able to check things off.
    Hope you enjoy your day!
    ‘your mountain is waiting, get on your way!’

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  2. Happy birthday, big sis, and congrats on being older than me again! Now you’ve reminded me of how I used to always bug the hell out of my oldest sister and her friend when they were over. Funny you mentioned rollercoasters, since I had a dream I was going backwards on one while I was asleep today. I haven’t been on one since 1998, and I loved those things…. but one does not go to Six Flags alone.


    • Thanks, little brother!
      I went on a mini version of a rollercoaster perhaps 15 years ago and strained my wrist. But now, with the fibromyalgia and my high blood pressure, I’d either be sore for 2 weeks or dead. So that’s why I can’t ever go on one again. Sucks major ass but I still have memories…


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