Friday’s Funny Video: Everyone Is An Asshole

The neverending tunnel of quality entertainment on YouTube has inspired me to post a funny video each Friday (hopefully, I’m often a forgetful person, which makes me an asshole of sorts, myself.)

I used to share funny stuff on Facebook for my mom. If I didn’t for a few days, for whatever reason…usually because I was too depressed to find much of anything humorous, she’d always inquire.

My Mom: You haven’t posted anything funny in a few days. I like when you post funny things.

Me: Sorry, mom. My bad.

We had a similar sense of humor…and now, my daughter and I share funny memes or videos with each other.

The circle of life, eh?

My mom would’ve loved this. Take a few minutes to watch (it’s a short one.) It comes from the warped minds over at College Humor.


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