What’s A Brain Cootie?

Just wait until you grow up, Lil.

On June 30th, my old blog will be deleted. Some of my posts from that site will be saved because I worked hard on them. To move on successfully, I must purge what is no longer useful and meaningful to me.

I wrote many years ago about how the old blog felt like my own personal playground. But now, it’s littered with broken swings and rusty slides under a bleak, sunless sky.

You may be thinking to yourself that I’m being overly dramatic. I assure you that this is just an example of the kind of thoughts that run barefoot with muddy feet throughout my mind. It’s not a pleasant place to visit…just fucking imagine living there!

My reasoning behind creating the new blog comes in 2 parts:

I don’t want to be addressed as my high school nickname any longer. I graduated 28 years ago and Merbear no longer exists. She’s dead to me. Plus, my ex-husband used that moniker endearingly towards me for years and thinking of that now makes me want to fucking vomit.

I had someone comment when I announced my decision to abandon Merbear’s World, why would you want to start anew when you have almost 7,000 followers?

I won’t be writing for follower counts or popularity. That stuff doesn’t excite me anymore like it once did. This time, it’s quality over quantity.

(Most were spambots anyway.)

As for the name of this blog…well, let me go look up the meaning of the word cootie.


Non-medical germs, that are spread by touch, usually among school kids.

My brain is filled with special kinds of cooties and this blog (hopefully) will serve as a pair of tweezers so that I can, one by one, remove them with the prospect of helping me regain some of my mental health again.


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